Sunday, October 2, 2011

Buddy - Can you Spare an App?

Have you been asked recently for any iPad or iPhone app tips?

Confession apps, note taking apps, historical apps, voice recognition apps, news apps, camera apps... the list is endless.  Recently several colleagues either purchased an iPad for their personal use or purchased several iPads for their school.  Get ready to move from surfing the web to exploring apps.

Although there are still some apps that are device dependent, the majority of the apps mentioned can be used on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod.   The newer devices bost camera and operating system enhancements that preclude the use of some apps on older iPods or first generation iPads.

Seven days of Exploring:

1.  Visit iGeneration - 21st Century Education for a collection of App recommendations and "Best of - Lists"

2.  Visit the site: Make Use Of, and download The Five-Star Guide For Your iPad. Plus 40 Best Free Apps

3.  Visit the site Live Binders, and search for iPad or iPhone or Apps and you'll find many excellent live binders dedicated to educational apps

4.  Visit the iPads in Education Ning and see how iPads are being used in other schools

5.  Visit the site: How to Geek - iPad tips, tricks, and tutorials

6.  Visit the blog:  Apps in Education - and find a topic of interest!

7.  Last stop for today... and then get back to work!  An old post but some great advice - 50 really useful iPad 2 Tips and Tricks

Enjoy your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod and remember to share with your professional learning network.

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