Sunday, November 20, 2011

21st Century Binders!

No More Binders!

Collaboration as as 21st Century skill makes the use of traditional binders an outdated storage strategy.  As teachers and administrators begin to expand their professional learning network, online sharing tools such as Google Apps for education are a natural fit.

If you're stuck on the metaphor of a binder, look no further than Live Binders.  This should be part of every teacher's professional resource list.  Visit LiveBinders to find a searchable index of teacher created resources.  The current top binder, iPads in Schools,  has been viewed over 161,000 times!  Now dust off your shelf and check the index card on any of your physical binders - you get my point.

Top 5 Education Live Binders
At the time of writing, here is a list of the top five Live Binders and approximate distribution numbers:
1.  iPads in Schools - 161,000 views
2.  3rd Grade Math Word Problems - 100,000 views
3.  4th Grade Math Word Problems - 74,000 views
4.  iPod Touch and iPad Resources - 70,000 views
5.  QR Codes in Education - 59,000 views

Marine Biology, best sites for geography, life after high school, animals, constructivism, robotics, Google, interactive sites, you'll find it all in Live Binders.

If you believe in the key 21st Century skills of:  collaboration, creative problem solving, critical analysis, and communication, then its time to consider the shredder or recyling bin for most of the binders that have not been accessed in many years and turn to a 21st Century improved resource - Live Binders.

Of course there's a Live Binder with lots of video tutorials to teach you how to use Live Binders - click here.

You could also take the  Free Tools Challenge #15: Organize and Share with Livebinders : Teacher Challenge  on EduBlog.  Click here to take the challenge.

Happy page flipping!

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